1) Have you heard the news? Harry ....... (join) the Army! a) will join b) is going to join c) shall join 2) Sorry to keep you waiting. I .......... (not be) long. a) am not being b) am not going to be c) won't be 3) According to the weather forecast, it ..... (snow) tomorrow. a) is snowing b) will snow c) is going to snow 4) I'm sorry I can't meet you tonight. I ..... (go out) with my parents. a) am going out b) will go out c) going to go out 5) Careful! You ...... (knock) that jug off the table! a) are going to knock b) are knocking c) will knock 6) Our teacher ...... (give) us a test tomorrow. a) will give b) is going to give c) is giving 7) I think our team .... (probably win). a) is probably winning b) will probably win c) is probably going to win 8) I ....... (have) a party on Thursday.  a) will have b) am having c) am going to have 9) I ...... (meet) you outside the station. a) will meet b) shall meet c) am meeting 10) Where ....... (go) for lunch? a) are we going to go b) will we go c) are we goiong 11) Bye for now. I .... (see) you later this evening. a) am seeing b) will see c) am going to see 12) That suitcase looks heavy. ....... I carry it for you? a) Will b) Shall c) Should 13) Sorry, but I ..... (not be) here tomorrow. I have to go to the doctor's. a) am not being b) am not going to be c) won't be 14) We ....... (go) skating this afternoon. Would you like to come? a) are going b) will go c) are going to go 15) Where do you want me to put these books? ...... I leave them here? a) Shall b) Should c) Will




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