Fleming was studying influenza ... - when he discovered penicilin., Columbus discovered America ...  - though at first he believed he had reached Asia., Hillary and Tenzing reached the top of Everest ... - after they had been climbing for several days., Scott reached the South Pole in 1912 ... - but Amundsen had beaten him by a month., Franklin was flying a kite when ... - he discovered the principle of the lightning conductor., Before Columbus discovered America ... - people had believed that the Earth was flat., Newton made his great discovery ... - while he was sitting under an apple tree., Climbers had been trying to conquer Everest ... - and several had lost their lives in the attempt., They stood under a shelter ... - because it was raining., The roads were wet because ... - it had been raining all night., He was broke. - He had spent all of his money., I was having a nightmare when ... - the alarm went off and woke me up., When Mrs Morgan came into the room ... - the pupils were running and screaming at the tops of their voices., His hands were covered in oil because ... - he had been trying to fix the car all morning., When she opened the window ... - she was happy to see it was snowing lightly.,




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