I always get good ____ :) I always ____ my mistakes and I ____ excellent essays. I usually ____ tests. I don't revise for ____ and make a lof of ____. Ann has a problem. Please help ____. That's my bag. Give it back to ____. That's Tom's pencil case. Give it to ____. Jack and Joe are right. I agree with ____. Toby and I don't understand this homework. Please help ____. You look worried. Can I help ____? Some people say that in the future, we ____ have to drive our cars. We'll sit in the cars and robots will drive ____. At the moment, some scientists are testing robot cars on our roads. Sometimes, there are accidents. The scientists say that in the future, robot cars will be safe, but some people don't ____. They think that robot cars will ____ be safe.




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