Present Simple: I quite enjoy dancing., I don't mind washing the dishes., I always forget about doing my laundry., She never listens to me., The plain lands at 6 pm., Do you like cooking?, He doesn't trust his friends., Present Continuous: I'm seeing my doctor next week., She is being mean to me., We are going out of money., I'm talking right now., Is anyone going to the library with me?, What is going on?, I'm not doing the dishes., Look! They're climbing up the wall., Past Simple: I was fired last week., Did she remember you?, Why didn't you go home as you were asked to?, When was the last time you had coffee?, You finished your homework, didn't you?, I knew I was right!, Past Continuous: I was finishing my homework., Were you dancing at the party?, No one was answering the teacher's questions., We were going home., She was cooking., Future Simple: I will check it out., Will you help me?, I will open the door., I think it will rain tomorrow., I will never go there again., Present Perfect: I have just finished my homework., Have you finished your homework yet?, Why haven't you finished your homework yet?, She's been sick for one week., We have lived here since 1999., I haven't seen this film., For how long have you been here?,




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