EXPLAIN - I don’t understand this topic, can you this_____________ to me, please?, HEAR - There’s too much noise, I can’t__________ anything!, LISTENING - I love to this song!, MEAN - What does that word ___________?, PRONOUNCE - I don’t know how to__________________ this word. It’s spelt t–h–r–o–u–g–h., REPEAT - I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said. Can you________________ it, please?, SAY - Did you_____________ something to me? I wasn’t paying attention., SPEAK - How many languages do you _________?, TALKING - The line was engaged when I called you. Who were you _____________________to?, TELL - Did she___________ you what happened yesterday?, TRANSLATE - I don’t speak Italian. Can you___________ this for me?, UNDERSTAND - I’m not sure I___________ this completely. I’ll read the explanation again.,




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