1) He’ll ________ his A-level exams in May. | I’ve never managed to ________ through that film. a) pass b) take c) sit 2) They’ve just bought a lovely house ________ the suburbs. | One ________ three people think that he will be the next president. a) in b) on c) over 3) Unfortunately the situation soon got out of ________ and we had to call the police. | Could you give me a ________ here? I can’t do it on my own. a) control b) hand c) help 4) I’m afraid the meat has gone ________. It smells horrible. | It’s really hot in here. You can take ________ your jacket. a) out b) over c) off 5) He’s been ________ with shoplifting three times so far. | I think the plumber ________ us too much for the repairs. a) charged b) accused c) released 6) There were about 60 guests at my sister’s wedding ________. | Ask the man at ________ what time we should leave the room tomorrow. a) ceremony b) party c) reception 7) I think I’ll ________ another glass of orange juice, please. | You look really tired. Why don’t you ________ a rest? a) have b) order c) take 8) I promised my parents that I’d do the ________ after dinner. | The restaurant opposite our house serves delicious Italian ________. a) meals b) plates c) dishes 9) Josh, could you ________ the table before dinner, please? | How many eggs do sea turtles normally ________? a) set b) lay c) have 10) How did you come up ________ this solution? | Is hip hop still popular ________ young people? a) for b) about c) with 11) I should get an alarm ________ in my car. | There was a nice ________ carpet on the floor in her room. a) fitted b) installed c) fixed 12) It is commonly believed that nurses are ________ paid. | My grandfather was ________ injured in the war. a) poorly b) slightly c) badly 13) This puzzle is too difficult for me. I can’t ________ out the answer. | We need to get rid of that old printer. It doesn’t ________ anymore. a) think b) make c) work 14) The party was a disaster because nobody showed ________ . | It’s ________ to you what subjects you want to study in the future. a) over b) up c) in 15) I think you’re overreacting. I’m not laughing ________ you. | Thanks for telling me all this. Now I know that ________ least you’re honest with me. a) for b) at c) from 16) I desperately need a job. Where can I get information on job ________? | I’m sorry, we have no ________ at the moment. We’re fully booked for the weekend. a) adverts b) vacancies c) offers 17) The ________ from the balcony was amazing. | His point of ________ is quite interesting. a) sight b) view c) look 18) I’ve ________ on a diet many times in my life. | The company has ________ bankrupt after three months. a) gone b) been c) put 19) Why are you trying to change the ________? | Maths is not my favourite school ________ . a) topic b) subject c) theme 20) The lift is out of ________. We need to take the stairs. | All the books in the library are in alphabetical ________. a) function b) operation c) order




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