1) Were you at home yesterday? a) No, I didn't. b) Yes, I did. c) Yes, we were. d) No, I'm not. e) Yes, we was. 2) I usually do my homework, but I didn't _____ it yesterday. a) do b) did c) done d) not 3) break --> broke, bring --> _______? a) brong b) bringed c) brought d) bring 4) Where was he last Saturday? a) He was at home. b) He was happy. c) He didn't go to school last Monday. d) Yes, he was. e) No, he wasn't. 5) My sister ______ a pig two hours ago. a) saw b) seen c) see d) sees 6) ____ Jenny play football last week? a) Does b) Has c) Is d) Did e) Done 7) ____ Max and Tom at last month's meeting ? a) Did b) Have c) Are d) Was e) Were 8) I didn't _____ a song yesterday. a) sing b) sang c) sung d) singed 9) Sorry, I _____ hear you at the door.  a) weren't b) wasn't c) didn't d) am not e) isn't 10) What ____ you watch yesterday? a) did b) were c) was d) do e) don't




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