1) I ... read poetry than prose because I don't like long texts. a) would prefer b) had better c) would rather d) prefer 2) You ... your sleeping bag because we have many blankets and duvets and I’m sure you’ll feel comfortable. a) may not have brought b) can’t have brought c) couldn’t have brought d) needn’t have brought 3) A: I’d really like to read her latest novel. B: ..... Critics say it is a literary masterpiece. a) So do I. b) So would I. c) Neither would I. d) And I don’t either. 4) Since the book isn’t on the shelf, somebody else ... it. a) must have been taken b) must take c) must have taken d) must have been taking 5) Sarah Waters is a writer … novel Fingersmith has just been translated into Polish. a) who’s b) who c) whose d) which 6) I’ll lend you some money if you … have rehearsals in the attic. a) had let me b) let me c) have let me d) should let me 7) … Henry and Joan come from a small town in southeast England. a) Neither b) Nor c) Both d) All 8) There’s no point in asking them for money. They … everything by now. a) will have spent b) will be spending c) will spent d) will have been spent 9) When we were small kids our father  … address our aunts and uncles as "Madam" and "Sir". a) made us b) is made to c) had made us d) has made us 10) … he earns much, he can't afford to take his family to the seaside. a) However b) Despite c) Although d) In spite of 11) If you knew your blood pressure was high, you … the doctor. a) had to call b) must have called c) should have called d) would have called 12) Chris did use my computer but he denies … any e-mails from my account. a) to have sent b) having sent c) to send d) to having sent 13) Mark was … clever boy that he managed to solve all tasks in five minutes. a) such b) so c) such a d) that 14) … to have hidden all the letters that she received from her lover. a) She is believed b) It is believed c) People believe d) She believes

Matura - rozpoznawanie struktur leksykalno-gramatycznych (Test luk sterowanych) 1




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