Hi ____! It's Tom here, ____ to my travel ____. I've been in England ____ a week ____. I'm staying at a ____ hostel in London. I'm ____ a room with John and Steven. It's ____ here! It was very early when I ____ off on Saturday (at 5am!). I got ____ a bus. The tour bus sets ____ every hour and ____ back an hour later. After that, I went to Birmingham ____ coach to visit the National Sea Life Centre. It was ____ an amazing day. I've seen a lot of ____ ____ I arrived. I have ____ visited the Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussauds Museum. I've just ____ the Big Ben and the London Eye, but I haven't ____to the London Bridge ____ - I'm going ____ tomorrow. I'm leaving the day ____ tomorrow. I hope I can ____ back soon.





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