1) Gladiator was directed by a) Andrzej Wajda b) Ridley Scott c) James Cameron 2) The book which is stolen most often from libraries is a) the Bible b) the Guinness Book of Records c) the Lord of the Rings 3) Until 1800 New York was called a) New Amsterdam b) New Hampshire c) New Liberty 4) The Star Wars films were directed by a) George Lucas b) Steven Spielberg c) Stanley Kubrick 5) The noun which is used most frequently in conversation is a) money b) time c) work 6) Penguins are found a) at the South Pole b) at the North Pole c) in Alaska 7) The Italian flag was designed by a) Garibaldi b) Mussolini c) Napoleon 8) The first mobile phones were sold in a) 1963 b) 1973 c) 1983 9) The politician Winston Churchill was born a) on a train b) in a toilet c) under a bridge 10) The electric chair was invented by a) a teacher b) a dentist c) a politician 11) The Smartphone was invented by a) Apple b) Nokia c) IBM 12) The Lord of the Rings films were directed by a) Steven Spielberg b) James Cameron c) Peter Jackson 13) In the world 16,000 babies are born a) every second b) every hour c) every day 14) Chess was invented by a) the Egyptians b) the Indians c) the Chinese 15) The first Levi jeans were worn by a) miners b) farmers c) cowboys 16) In 1962 the original London Bridge was bought by a) a rich American b) a museum c) the Royal family 17) Football was first played by a) the British b) the Romans c) the Greeks




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