pendrive - I keep photos on this and take it to my friend's house so we can look at them on her computer, battery - The one in my phone lasts about five hours before I need to charge it again, smartphone - I use it to take photos, play games, listen to music, surf the internet...oh, and to tell my mum where I am, console - MIne is a PS Vita and my brother's is Nintendo., keyboard - I can type eighty words a minute using it., tablet - It's a small computer., joystick - I use this to control my car when I'm playing driving games., ereader - When I go on holiday, I don't need to carry heavy books because I've got enough to read on this., camera - Smile, please! Great, now let me connect this to the computer and see what the photos look like., usb - We use this to connect other gadgets to a computer., dvd - You have films on it., mp3 - It's small but I've got a 1000 songs on it.,




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