What aren't you going to do this summer?, You can't go to your friend's birthday party. Say what you are doing at that time., Your friend wants to borrow 50 PLN. How will you react? What will you say?, Look out of the window. What's (not)going to happen?, Your friend has got a headache. What will you say/do?, Your friend invites you to a party. What are you going to bring? , There is a banana peel on the ground. What is going to happen?, You can't go to school tomorrow. What are you doing then?, You found an iPhone on the street. What are you going to do?, What will your future house look like?, Who do you think you will be when you grow up?, You are starving. What dish are you going to prepare for yourself?, Your mum is very tired after work. What help will you offer her?, You can't wait next Saturday, why? What are you doing?, We live in crazy times. How will 2021 look? (one prediction), It's the start of 2021, you are having new plans for this year. What are you going to promise to yourself?.




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