I'd like to speak to Tom, please. - Just a moment, please., I am very sorry. - Apology accepted. Don't worry., What should I do? - Why don't you go out more often?, I think Batman is the best! - I disagree with you., Can I pay by card? - No, sorry. You have to pay by cash., Do you want to buy my guitar? - Yes, I do. It looks great., Do you like online shopping? - No, I don't like buying things from websites., It's raining cats and dogs. - So I better put on my raincoat., Where is the rubbish bin? - It's over there., Why do you look forward to seeing your cousina at the weekend? - Because we like each other., Can you hear the musicians? - Yes, that's my favourite band!, How much is this fruit juice? - It's two pounds fifty., Is there much traffic in the city? - Yes. It's always very busy. , Do you want to go skiing? - I can't, I'm afraid., Where can I put my coat? - Hang it up there.,




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