1) On Friday I ______ at the hospital. a) was b) were c) am d) is 2) Were _______ at home last Monday? a) he b) they c) I d) it 3) - Where were you last night? - ______ at the cinema a) You were b) They were c) She was d) I was 4) Last Saturday we _______ tired. a) was b) be c) were d) are 5) _____ she happy yesterday? a) were b) was c) weren't d) is 6) Were they at the circus a week ago? No, ____________. a) we weren't b) they were c) I was d) they weren't 7) Was he at school yesterday? No, he ______. He _______ ill. a) was/was b) wasn't/was c) wasn't/wasn't d) was/wasn't 8) They _______ on holidays last week. a) wasn't b) isn't c) aren't d) weren't 9) Arina's birthday _______ on the fifteenth of September. a) were b) was c) am d) are 10) _________ you at a cafe last Saturday? a) Do b) Was c) Were d) Is 11) My father _________at the garage yesterday. a) is b) was c) were d) are 12) Last night you _________ scared. a) weren't b) aren't c) wasn't d) am not 13) Was Lena at the museum yesterday? Yes, she _____. She _________ with her family. a) was/wasn't b) weren't/were c) was/was d) wasn't/were 14) __________ your brothers at the party last Sunday? a) Are b) Does c) Was d) Were 15) ________ weren't in their office last Wednesday. a) He b) I c) She d) They

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