homeschooling - the teaching of children at home, mark - something that a teacher gives students for their work - a number or a letter, kindergarten - a preschool for children age 4 to 6 to prepare them for primary school, pass - the opposite of 'fail', break - between lessons, staffroom - the place where teachers reside at school, preschool - an educational institution for children too young for elementary school, headmaster - the 'boss' of the school, A levels - Matura exam in England, memorise - learn by heart, form teacher - a teacher who has responsibility for a particular class in a school, foreign languages - German, English or French, timetable - the schedule of lessons from Monday to Friday, term - there are two in the school year: summer and winter, science - Physics, Biology, Chemistry are ....... subjects, boarding school - school where students stay overnight and have their own rooms, school fee - the money you pay for school, secondary school - high school, canteen - the place where students eat at school,




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