What's your favourite part of the day?, Do you use the Internet to learn new things?, Where would you most like to go on holiday in the future?, What do you enjoy doing with your friends?, Who do you spend your free time with?, Is your routine at weekends different from your daily routine?, Do you like to be physically active or do you prefer relaxing?, Is there anyting you'd love to be able to do in the future?, What did you do on your last birthday?, Which time of year is your favourite?, Are you planning to do anything special this weekend?, Do you prefer working on your own or with other people?, What kind of work would you really like to do in the future?, Have you ever used English while travelling?, Do you enjoy going to parties?, Who are you most like in your family?, Do you normally go out with family or friends?, Do you prefer to be outside or inside when you have free time?, What do you most enjoy doing when you are at home?, How much exercise do you take each week?.




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