At the moment, he works as a part-time teacher at two different schools. (he's working), Every so often, he's enjoying trying out new cooking recipes. (enjoys), For the time being, I've lived in a flat with two friends. (I'm living), From time to time, she's reading online reviews to find new cafes to try. (reads), Typically, he stays in watching TV series at the weekend. ✅, He's taking  art classes since last summer. (he's taken), I regularly read for an hour before going to bed. ✅, I'm currently taking singing classes in the afternoon. ✅, I'm waiting for that festival all year. (I've been waiting), For most of my life, I take part in amateur races in different cities! (I've taken), Once in a while, we all go out to have dinner in a restaurant. ✅, Over the past two days, they've been working on a school mural. ✅, Recently, I'm having many great ideas for my project. (I've had / I've been having), Right now, I go to my photography class. (I'm going), She's attending dancing seminars several times a year. (attends), She's been swimming professionally for five years. ✅, So far, she hasn't received many favourable comments about her photos. ✅, These days, lots of teenagers have watched YouTube courses to learn new things. (are watching), This week, she stays late studying for exams. (she's been staying / she's stayed), This year, I'm finishing school. ✅.




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