Correct: I'm having lunch now., She seems to be very tired., He's feeling very irritated., What do you mean?, They always want more and more., I don't believe him., She doesn't understand French., How much does it cost?, He doesn't own 4 cars., What does it depend on ?, She doesn't deserve this punishment., I'm thinking about moving somewhere warm., What do you think about her new job?, Incorrect: I'm having 3 cats and 1 dog., They're seeming to be very nervous., It's feeling wrong., What are you meaning?, He's wanting to see you now., Are you believing him now?, Are you understanding what he's talking about?, How much is it costing?, Are you owning your own house?, It's depending on you now., Is he deserving a pay rise?, I'm thinking that food costs too much., What are you thinking about her new shoes?,





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