1) Your friend is going on holiday. What can you say? a) Have a good time! b) Time is money. c) Take the time! 2) I often go to the cinema. a) Really? I do. b) No, me neither. c) Me too. 3) What is the weather like? a) It was sunny. b) It will be sunny. c) It is sunny. 4) Do you need any help with your suitcase? a) Thanks, I can manage. b) Thanks, not all. c) Yes, you do. 5) How is it going? a) To school. b) By bike. c) Fine, thanks. 6) What can we do now? a) I haven't got a clue. b) Yes, you can. c) No, you can't. 7) I am so nervous. a) Stand up, please. b) Calm down, please. c) Fall down, please. 8) Your friend has just won a gold medal. a) Cheer up! b) It's not the end of the world. c) I'm proud of you! 9) We're short of time. a) Let's get moving. b) Let's wait. c) Let's take our time. 10) Thank you. a) Nothing problem. b) Not my problem. c) You're welcome.





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