When do you wear a hat, a scarf and ____? Is it a good idea to go jogging in high ____? Who ____ the carpets at your home? Where would you like to spend your holidays, in the mountains or at the ____? When do you ____ your teeth? Is it better to live in the city or in the ____? What thing would you take to a ____ island? How do you ____ your birthday? Do you live near or ____ from your school? Do you have to do the ____ or do the washing-up? Which historical figure was really ____? Would you like to ____ in a talent contest? What ____ have you got in your room? What’s your favourite ____ product? What is the most common ____ in your country? What’s your least favourite ____ chore? Which two cartoon characters don’t like ____ other? When do you ____ guests to your home? What is the key to a happy ____? Have you got a niece or a ____?





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