1) On this subject you can use a calculator.  a) Maths b) History c) science d) Science e) Matchs f) maths 2) Tom usually ........ to music. a) listen b) listenss c) lisstens d) listening e) lisyns f) listens 3) Natalia always ...... her homework. a) doing b) didn't c) do d) does e) don't do f) did 4) Mark and Tom .......... TV every day. a) wached b) watch c) is watching d) watches e) are watch f) watching 5) ........... your mum ........ ? a) Do/painting b) Do/painted c) Is/paint d) Are/painting e) Did/paint f) Does/paint 6) Lucas ......... ......... . a) doesn't swims b) don't swims c) isn't swim d) don't swim e) doesn't swim f) doesn't/swam 7) She ....... ballet. a) didn't b) don't c) does d) do e) didn't does f) doesn't 8) We ........ tennis. a) play b) is plaing c) are play d) plays e) plaing f) do 9) F-L-Y-N-N a) How are you spell that? b) How do you spell it? c) How does you spell that? d) How do you spel that? e) How do you spell that? f) How do you spelling that? 10) You have IT in this room. a) classroom b) gym c) computerroom d) canteen e) computer room f) clasroom 11) do / have / Where / you / breakfast / ? a) Were you do have breakfast? b) Where do have you breakfast? c) Where do you have breakfast? d) Where have do you breakfast? e) Where do you breakfast have? f) Do where you have breakfast?

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