Italian food has become one of the most world's most popular ____ cuisines. Italian restaurants can now be found in nearly all of the world's big cities, and famous Italian ____ like spaghetti and macaroni are cooked in ____ kitchens throughout the world. But the most famous Italian food of all is the pizza, ____ the kind being sold in ____ pizza restaurants all over the world. Pizza ____ in the Italian city of Naples in the late 18th century when someone tried ____ a tomato topping on focaccia, an Italian ____ that's still popular today. As other ____ were tried, new kinds of pizza ____ such as pizza margherita with its simple topping of tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil. After American soldiers ____ pizza in Italy during World War Two, it became very popular in the USA. Demand for pizza steadily ____, and during the 1960s and 70s ____ pizza restaurants ____ all over the USA. Since then American pizza ____ have opened take-away restaurants all ____ the world, and this has led to the ____ popularity of pizzas worldwide.




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