1) Where ( he /usually/ spend) ..... his holiday? a) he usually spends b) he is usually spending c) does he usually spend d) did / he usually spent) 2) Young people ( not /watch ) ...... a lot of TV. a) aren't watching b) doesn't watch c) hasn't watched d) don't watch 3) Before I moved to England I (live) ..... in France. a) lived b) have lived c) was living d) had lived 4) My parents ( fly) ..... to New York next week. a) fly b) flew c) are flying d) is flying 5) (Jim/ sleep) ...... at the moment? a) Jim is sleeping b) Is Jim sleeping c) Does Jim sleep d) Was Jim sleeping 6) How often ..... you visit your neighbours? a) do b) are c) have d) does 7) Teenagers (want) .....to have fun. a) want b) wants c) are want d) does want 8) She ( walk) ..... her dog when she ( find) ..... a purse. a) walked / found b) walks / finds c) was walking / found d) walked / was finding 9) ( you / read) ..... a book yesterday at 5 p.m.? a) have you read b) did you reading c) were you reading d) had you read 10) It ( start ) ...... to rain while I ( run ) ..... in the park. a) started / was running b) was starting / ran c) started / did run d) had started / ran 11) They ( buy) ..... a house after they (sell) ..... their old flat. a) bought / was selling b) had bought / sold c) bought / had sold d) were buying / sold 12) I ( just / book) ..... a room in a hotel at the seaside. a) just booked b) have just booked c) had just booked d) was just booking 13) I ( not / work ) ..... now. a) don't work b) aren't working c) didn't work d) 'm not working 14) Roy ( seldom/ go) .....to the gym. a) is seldom going b) seldom go c) seldom goes d) has seldom gone 15) Mary ( not / decorate) ..... her Christmas tree last year. a) wasn't decorating b) didn't decorate c) hasn't decorated d) hadn't decorated 16) Two years ago my aunt (break) ..... her leg. a) broke b) broken c) did break d) has broken 17) How long have you lived in your village? a) fourteen years ago b) for fourteen years c) last year d) since 2006 18) When I ....... a child, I ......... football a lot. a) were/ played b) been/ played c) was/ used to play d) was/ was playing 19) I haven't seen my cousin John ......... many years. a) for b) from c) since d) at 20) I ( live ) ... in Poland for 15 years. a) am living b) have been living c) have lived d) live 21) .... been to Portugal? a) Has he ever b) did you ever c) Have you ever d) Does he ever 22) What (she / like) ..... doing in her free time? a) she likes b) is she like c) does she likes d) does she like 23) Look! The girl ...  a) is skipping b) skips c) skipping d) is skip 24) The man ... into a hole! a) will fall b) is falling c) is going to fall d) was falling 25) The boy ..... his leg. a) was breaking b) broke c) has broken d) had broken 26) ... my bedroom. a) I've already tidied b) I already tidy c) I'm already tidying d) I already tidied 27) I have visited a lot of Polish cities ... a) so far b) recently c) last year d) this year. 28) I haven't done my homework ... a) just b) yet c) already d) ever 29) Jill invited a few friends to her party ... a) this week b) two days ago c) last week d) yesterday




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