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I can draw pretty well., Lily likes listening to music when she's studying., Jean tidied her room quickly., Tim said that we have a test tommorow, What are you eating Jenny?, Do you feed your cat every morning?, I'm listening to the newest Ava Max song., Where is my phone? I can't find it., I visited my grandparents week ago., I wanted to go to the cinema with you, but my mum said no., What were you doing at the weekend, She reads those books every evening., He is eating breakfast at 4:30 AM, She's listeting to rock music right now. Luckely, she's having headphones., You are really good at maths. Can you help me with my homework?, What did you eat for dinner yesterday?, How often do you check your emails?, Mark is always lucky in competitions, Beth always watches singing competitions, Are you going to the cinema with us tommorow?.




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