cycling - You need a bike and a helmet to do this sport., snowboarding - This is a winter sport and we need a board to do it., gymnastics - You need to be flexible to do this sport. You do in indoors. , table tennis - This an indoor sport that people play with a small, plastic ball , skiing - This is a winter sport. You wear a helmet and warm clothes. , athletics - This is an outdoor sport. You need to be a good runner to do it. , volleyball - You can play indoors or at the beach. You use a ball and play in a team. , badminton - You have a raquet and a hit a shuttlecock across a net., yoga - This activity makes you relax and helps you become flexible. , hockey - You play in a team. You need to hit a ball with a stick,

Sports - Team Together 5, Unit 1 (A2 Flyers R part 1)




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