A plumber (come) __________ to our house yesterday., He (want) _________ to repair our washing machine that (break) _________ a few days before., Before he (ring)_________  at my door, he (look)_______  for a parking space for about ten minutes., While the plumber (repair) ________ the washing machine, I (watch) ____________ the news., Suddenly, I (realise) _________  that they (show) ________  our street on TV., The reporter (say) _______ that a car (crash) _________ into a stop sign just before reaching the crossroads, While I (listen) __________ carefully to what (happen) _____________, someone (knock) ____________ at my door., I (open) _________ the door and (see) _______ a police officer standing there., He (ask) _________  for the plumber., As it (turn) ____________ out, it (be) ____________  our plumber’s car that (roll) ___________  down the street..




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