1) If you fall from the cliff, you die. a) First Conditional b) Zero Conditional c) Second Conditional d) but why I need to die? 2) If we win the war, we ____ be legends! a) were b) was c) wore d) will e) would 3) If I had enough money, I would buy a giant sandwich. a) Second Conditional b) First Conditional c) Zero Conditional d) Third Conditional e) One hundredth Conditional 4) If I ____ study, I ____ fal the test. a) didn't, will b) have,won't c) won't , will d) will not ' willn't e) did ,won't f) will , will 5) If we ___ (not) eat food, we ___ not be alive. a) don't, will b) willn't, won't c) can't, will 6) If I drink water I ___ die from dehydration. a) won't b) not c) will'nt d) willen'ten't'ent'en'an't'ent't'ent'ent'et'enten'ten't e) will f) wot 7) If I die, I die. a) 0 conditional b) 1st conditional c) 2nd conditional d) 3rd conditional 8) If I were you, I would talk to Suzan. a) First Conditional b) Cosend Nocditional c) Zero Conditional d) Cosend Conditional e) Second Conditional f) Second Nocditional 9) If it rains, I ___ go outside. a) won'tn't b) will'nt c) won't d) were e) will f) ew 10) If I answer correctly, I ___ win. a) will b) won'nt c) 0 conditional d) would e) -1 conditional f) 1 conditional 11) If I ___________ food, it will be cold. a) am b) not cooked c) don't cookd d) don't cook e) do'nt cook f) don't cok 12) What _____ happen if burglars _____ into your house? a) will, steal b) would , break c) will , brake d) will, broken e) will, break 13) If the quiz _______ good, you will like it. a) no b) were'nt c) will'nt be d) yes e) is f) was




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