If / I not learn / I not pass / the test., If /she like me / she come / to my party., They / be hungry / if / they not eat dinner., you be happy / if I visit you ?, You / not be healthy / if you eat so many sweets., your mum be angry / if you come late ?, If I / do this now / I have a free evening., I / not watch TV / if I not have time., We / go to the cinema / if there be a good film., He / go to Spain / if he have the money., Mary come home early / if she finish school ?, If / we need money / we find work., Tom / not drink the juice / if he not like it., you go to the park / if the weather be good ?, I / not go out tonight / if I have a lot of homework., You / make her sad / if you not call..




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