1) a tree that people put in their houses and decorate for Christmas a) CARP b) GINGERBREAD MAN c) CHRISTMAS TREE d) CANDLE 2) children in Poland wait for it to shine in the sky on Christmas Eve a) WAFER b) STAR c) CHRISTMAS TREE d) REINDEER 3) Santa puts them under the christmas tree on Christmas Eve a) STAR b) CAROLS c) PRESENTS d) SLEIGH 4) This man brings children presents at Christmas a) SANTA CLAUS b) WREATH c) REINDEER d) CHRISTMAS TREE 5) A decoration that we put on our Christmas tree; they look like balls a) REINDEER b) EMPTY CHAIR c) BAUBLES d) WREATH 6) We share it wishing everybody Merry Christmas a) WREATH b) BAUBLES c) WAFER d) CHRISTMAS CARD 7) shiny paper used as a decoration at Christmas a) CHRISTMAS TREE b) MIDNIGHT MASS c) TINSEL d) REINDEER 8) A large fish that lives in lakes and rivers that we eat during Christmas Eve supper a) CARP b) TINSEL c) CHRISTMAS CARD d) CHRISTMAS TREE 9) an object that produces light; we put them on our Christmas tree a) LIGHTS b) WREATH c) PRESENTS d) STAR 10) we sing them at Christmas; traditional Christmas songs a) WREATH b) REINDEER c) SANTA CLAUS d) CAROLS 11) a special Christian religious service held at midnight on Christmas Eve, to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ a) EMPTY CHAIR b) MIDNIGHT MASS c) TINSEL d) LIGHTS 12) we leave an ... at the table for an unexpected guest a) SANTA CLAUS b) CAROLS c) EMPTY CHAIR d) MIDNIGHT MASS 13) it pulls a sleigh through the night sky to help Santa Claus deliver presents to children a) STAR b) CHRISTMAS CARD c) CAROLS d) REINDEER 14) a Christmas biscuit that we eat during Christmas time a) CAROLS b) GINGERBREAD MAN c) CARP d) MIDNIGHT MASS 15) a circle of leaves or flowers that people decorate their houses at Christmas a) WREATH b) GINGERBREAD MAN c) CANDLE d) BAUBLES 16) we light it during Christmas Eve supper a) CANDLE b) REINDEER c) SANTA CLAUS d) CAROLS 17) Santa uses it for travelling a) TINSEL b) CARP c) SLEIGH d) CAROLS 18) a special card that people send to friends and family at Christmas a) SLEIGH b) CHRISTMAS CARD c) WAFER d) CHRISTMAS TREE 19) an empty sock or sock-shaped bag that is filled with small gifts such as sweets or toys a) SLEIGH b) CHRISTMAS CARD c) CHRISTMAS STOCKING d) CHRISTMAS TREE

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