I lost my mobile phone. I've looked for it ________., I'm hungry! I want ________ to eat., - What are you doing here? - I'm waiting for ________., The house has been empty for years. ________ lives there., I'm sorry, but there's ________ I can do to help you., I don't know where the body is. I've been looking ________., Did you go ________ interesting during the summer break?, It's boring here. There's ________ to go., - Who is the impostor? - I didn't see ________., - Do you know Pomidorek? - Yes, ________ knows him., Zosia has a bad memory. She can't remember ________. , Yoda lives ________ on this road., There's ________ at the door. Can you see who it is?, The box is empty, there isn't ________ in it., I like the people here. ________ is really friendly., Have you seen other crewmates? I can't find them ________., Why do you call emergency meeting. ________ was killed., I put my cables down ________, but I can't remember where., Please keep you password secret. Don't tell ________!, We have tried ________, but he won't come out of the vent..





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