1) SMILE TO THE CAMERA :) 2) 2. A time you were nervous about doing something, but you ____________a go anyway 3) 3. How you__________best 4) CLAP TWICE TO THE CAMERA :) 5) 5. A subject you_______________ difficult to understand at school and why 6) SHOW YOUR TONGUE TO THE CAMERA :) 7) 7. The best advice you can ______________________to a new person starting at your school. 8) 8. A time you ____________________bad grades in a test and how you felt. 9) 9. If you have ______________up your mind what job you want in the future. 10) SHOW SOMETHING BLUE TO THE CAMERA :) 11) 11. A time you_____________ a big mistake at school. 12) 12. A skill you would like to___________________ 13) SHOW YOUR TEETH TO THE CAMERA :) 14) 14. A subject at school you find____________________ 15) 15. If you prefer learning by listening, watching or ______________your hands. 16) SHOW SOMETHING RED TO THE CAMERA :) 17) 17. Something you want to learn how to_______________ 18) 18. Something you__________________interested in when you started school. 19) SHOW YOUR LEFT HAND :) 20) WHAT'S THE NAME OF YOUR LEADERSCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER?:)


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