follow - walk or drive behind someone, kidnap - steal a person, a thief - a person who steals something, helicopter - a machine for air transport, fly - travel through the air, museum - a building where you can see interesting objects, tell lies - say untrue things, birth - when someone is born, dream - this often happens when you are sleeping, cartoon - a film made up of lots of pictures, a programme for children, character - a person or animal playing in a film, studio - a place where people make films, earn - get money from working, amusement park - a fun place where you can ride on special machines, record - being the best in the world at something, horror film - a scary kind of film, the news - a programme with information about what is happening at the moment, comedy - a funny film, documentary - a serious programme about animals, quiz show - a programme in which you can win some money, adventure film - an exciting film about ships and crime,




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