1) Is Roberta from ______? a) USA b) in Paris c) Italy 2) I ______ from Japan. I'm from China. a) 'm not b) aren't c) don't 3) Angelo is ______ engineer. a) an b) a c) -- 4) Hello. I'm here ______. a) fix the computer. b) computer fix. c) to fix the computer. 5) We aren't in Room 5. ______ in Room 6. a) We're b) We c) Are 6) Tokyo is in ______. a) Japan. b) China. c) Russia. 7) Francesca ______ a student in Rome, Italy. a) is b) are c) am 8) Tania and I ______ students. we're teachers. a) aren't b) isn't c) are 9) Tom and Anna are ______. a) -- b) an c) a 10) How's your hand? - ______ fine, thanks. a) It's  b) She's c) Is 11) Ahmet's ______ Egypt. a) from b) of c) the 12) Where's Manchester? - It's ______ Britain. a) in b) from c) -- 13) Here's my wife. ______ name's Claire. a) She b) Her c) His 14) Ouch! - ______ a) I'm very sorry! b) I very sorry! c) Very sorry I'm! 15) ______ - Yes, I'm fine. a) Are you OK? b) OK you are? c) You OK? 16) This is my friend Marco. ______ from Italy. a) He's b) His c) Is 17) May and John aren't married. They ______ only friends. a) 're b) 's c) am 18) Bart and Lisa ______ the USA. a) are b) is c) be 19) ______ my sister. a) She's b) She c) Is 20) My father's favourite country is ______ Italy. a) -- b) the c) an




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