1) ___ Polka is a fast and lively Central European dance that consists of energetic short half-steps, turns, spins and hops. a) - b) A c) The 2) In my opinion, calling something ___ original piece of art  does not mean that it is unique. a) - b) an c) the 3) The museum covers an area of 10,000 m2 and was opened to ___ public in 2000. a) - b) a c) the 4) The singers performance received ___ huge amount of praise from the audience. a) - b) a c) the 5) Leonardo da Vinci is renowned primarily as ___ painter a) - b) a c) the 6) All the money from today's concert will be donated to ___ poor a) - b) a c) the 7) Getting children ___ become library members and read more can improve educational standards. a) to b) with c) as 8) ___ more people turning to the Interner for news, newspapers will soon become a thing of the past. a) As b) On c) With 9) Trailers and ads for films have ___ or very little influence on cinema-goers. a) some b) no c) few 10) ___ more we acquaint young people with contemporary art, the better they become equipped to engage with cilture as adults. a) The b) As c) When




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