1) Where is Australia located? a) In the northern hemisphere b) In the southern hemisphere 2) Which of the oceans does NOT surround Australia? a) Pacific Ocean b) Indian Ocean c) Atlantic Ocean d) Southern Ocean 3) Most of the land in Australia is a... a) desert b) grassland c) tropical forest d) tundra 4) What is the population density in Australia? a) 3 people / km 2 b) 39 people / km 2 c) 112 people / km 2 d) 240 people / km 2 5) Australia's native people are called a) Masai b) Indians c) Aborigines d) Eskimos 6) The first European to discover the Australian coast in 1606 was... a) British b) Dutch c) Spanish d) Italian 7) The British explorer who claimed Australia's land British in 1770 was... a) James Cook b) Ernest Shackleton c) Francis Drake d) Robert Scott




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