1) The trainers .... my brother bought were really expensive a) which b) when c) where d) who 2) London is .... my cousin lives. a) who b) when c) where d) that 3) My uncle is in the USA. He's staying ... near New York a) somewhere b) someone c) anywhere 4) I haven't bought ... for my mum's birthday  a) anyone b) anything c) anywhere d) something e) nothing 5) ..... phoned you while you were in the bath a) Something b) Somewhere c) Someone d) Anyone 6) A: I'm thirsty B: I ....... you a cup of tea a) will make b) am going to make 7) Look at the clouds! It ..... rain  a) will b) is going to 8) I'm not really sure what I will need. I ..... some new clothes to take for the camp a) am needing b) am going to need c) might need 9) Oh, I called the dentist you .... an appointment in Tuesday at 10 a) will have b) are going to have c) are having 10) She is the girl .... I met at the party. a) where b) when c) that




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