1) I am __________than my brother a) taller b) the tallest c) tallest 2) Planes are _______________ means of transport a) faster b) the fastest c) fast 3) Maths is __________________ subject at school a) difficultest b) more difficult c) the most difficult 4) Skiing is __________________ winter sport. a) the most dangerous b) more dangerous c) dangerouser 5) Football is ________________than handball a) most exciting b) the most exciting c) more exciting 6) I am ________________than my friend a) slimmer b) more slim c) most slim 7) Cycling is ________________ than skateboarding. a) popularer b) the most popular c) more popular 8) This car is ______________________of all. a) more expensive b) the most expensive c) expensivest 9) Fruit is _____________than sweets. a) better b) gooder c) the best 10) Tortoise is ________________animal. a) most slow b) the slowest c) slower





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