Snider - Losses from corporate crime are 20x greater than street crimes, Chambliss - Argues that laws to protect private property are the cornerstone of the capitalist economy > intro of english law into britains east african colonies - local economy wasnt a money economy so introduced tax that had to be paid in cash so the african colonies would work, Pearce - Rich rarely prosecuted for their white collar crimes such as fraud and tax evasion. Selective law enforcement gives us the impression crime is committed by working classes, Becker - Labelling theory, Lemert - Primary & Secondary deviance, S.Cohen - Mods & Rockers, Moral Panics and Folk Devils, Jock Young - Deviance Amplification Spiral: study of marijuana smoking hippies, Hall - Scapegoating: black muggers, Lea & Young - Identify three relates causes of crime; relative deprivation, subculture and marginalisation, Cicourel - Police officers' criminal stereotypes led them to concentrate on certain groups, resulting in the law enforcement showing a class bias; policing working class areas and people who fitted their expectations, Braithwaite - Disintegrative and Reintegrative shaming: argues crime rates are lower in societies which use reintegrative society where only the criminal act is shamed (avoids stigmatising), Taylor, Walton and Young - Believe that marxism is too deterministic, they take a voluntaristic view (people choose to commit crime); see crime as a meaningful action and a conscious choice by the actor (strive to change society).,

1. Crime Theories - Marxist / New Criminology / Labelling studies




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