Ok, no problem. What does he look like? - Could you pick up my brother from the airport?, Oh, really?! What is he like? - I met Mary's boyfriend yesterday., Pleased to meet you! - Hi! I'm Jack!, Not bad! - I got B on my final test., What's the matter? - Oh, I've had the flu., Are you at home now? - Yes! Come over. , What are you up to? - Oh, nothing much, just chilling at home., We shouldn't get homework so often. - I totally agree with you., What does he do? - He's an actor., What is he doing? - He's watching a film., What shall we do at the weekend? - It's up to you., What are you keen on? - Chess and sports., I'll help you with homework. - That's very nice of you., How about going to the restaurant in the evening? - Sounds great!, What do you think about this ideas? - It's boring!, How are you? - I'm bored!,





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