admire - to respect or think well of someone or something, appearance - the way that someone or something looks, commit an act - to do something, crueller - more cruel, despair - loss of hope, engagement - a mutual promise to marry, fade - to slowly disappear, hedonism - looking for pleasure, especially of the senses, Indulgence - it is when people do whatever they want, opium den - A place where the drug opium was sold and smoked, ought to - should, pursue - go in search of, refuse - to say no to something, repent - to feel sorry for what you did, rumour - gossip, seek - to look for, servant - people who work for you, sin - e.g. eating too much, killing somebody, lying, sinful - going against religious rules, stab - to kill with a knife, under the influence - because of, controlled by something, vain - full of self-admiration, self-love, vanity - feeling pride about how you look,




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