English Which do you think is … to learn, your own language or English? (hard), English What's ... thing about studying English? (difficult), Travelling What's ... holiday you've ever had? (bad), Travelling Which do you use ..., plublic transport or a car? (often), Your life During a typical day, are you ... in the morning or in the afternoon? (active)  , Your life What's your ... habit? (unhealthy), Friends and family Who's ... person in your family? (funny), Friends and family Who in your family are you ... to? (close), Technology If you have a technical problem who's ... person you know to help you? (good), Technology Which do you think is ..., a laptop or a tablet? ( practical), English Apart from English, what do you think is ... foreign language to learn? (useful), English Do you find listening is ... than speaking? (easy), Travelling What's ... journey you've ever been on? (long), Travelling Do you think travelling alone is ... than travelling with friends or family? (enjoyable), Your life Which part of the day is ... for you? (relaxing), Your life Do you eat ... than in the past? (healthily), Friends and family What's your ... friend like? (good), Friends and family Who's ... English speaker in your family? (fluent), Technology Is it ... to buy things online or in a shop? (cheap), Technology What's ... gadget you've ever bought? (expensive).

Questionnaire - comparative or superlative




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