Ringworm - Round, raised patches on the skin, red edges with a clearer middle, itchy and scaly skin, blisters on the skin., Roundworm - Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, weakness, bowel inflammation, diarrhoea, weight loss., Head Lice - The head itching, a rash on the back of the neck, small white eggs in the hair behind the ears or the nape of the neck, a moving sensation in the hair., Herpes Simplex - Appears as a liquid-filled ulcer on the sides of the mouth, a burning and itching sensation., Impetigo - Non-bullous spots and sore red blisters, runny blisters leaving yellow crusts, itchy skin., Conjunctivitis - Symptoms may include watery, itchy, burning eyes, grit-like sensation in the eyes, sticky cover over the eyelashes., Scabies - Scratching a lot, a body rash where the mite has burrowed, minor red rash. The itching will be worse at night when the skin is warmer.,




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