This spice is called ____. They use it a lot in ____ - and they love it. It's also popular in our ____. It has a unique ____ because we use both savory and ____ spices to make this powder. ____ people have an interesting dish called a ____. Of course, the main ingredient is ____ - sauerkraut. It is also important to add some ____ and even mushrooms. This ____ may look different depending on which part of ____ you'll visit. In ____, you can eat ____ at a variety of prices. You can walk into any ____ in and pick up a lot of different kinds of it. To make it, you will need a raw ____ and some rice. Those are the main ____ of this dish. This food became very popular all over the world - it's ____ now! It's fast to make and ____. Many street ____ deal with it, and many kinds of ____ have it in their menu. You can even ____ it in a supermarket! Of course, I'm talking about ____ or ____ for example.




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