1) He __________ to the police until his lawyer arrived. a) refused speaking b) refused to speak c) threatened speaking d) threatened to speak 2) Which verb is usually followed by an object and a preposition? a) deny b) recommend c) accuse d) suggest 3) She wouldn't take no for an answear and insisted __ paying ___ our lunch. a) on | for b) for | on c) to | for 4) We didn't finish our conversation, so I ______ again tomorrow. a) suggested us to meet b) suggested to meet c) suggested meeting d) suggested we would meet 5) "Don't forget to walk the dog." = He ____ to walk the dog. a) reminded b) requested c) reprimanded d) recommended 6) My parents apologized ____ not being able to come on holiday with me. a) on b) to c) for 7) My borther congratulated me ______ first prize in the painting competition. a) in winning b) for win c) to win d) on winning 8) The woman admitted ______ the truth. a) not told b) (that) she hadn't told c) not to tell d) on not telling 9) The tour guide recommended ______ the old town first. a) to visit b) on visiting c) visiting d) visit 10) The guard warned _________ on the grass. a) us not to step b) us not stepping c) not to stepping




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