Could I have a ____ sugar to my tea? If you want to make pancakes, you need a ____ eggs. Have you got a ____ minutes. I need to talk to you. I have a ____ headache. Jane has invited a ____ boys to her party. There is still a ____ work to do. They sang a ____ songs. Would you like a ____ more rice? She doesn't like her coffee too dark, so she takes ____ milk. How ____ sandwiches do you usually have for lunch? How ____ hours do you usually sleep? Sara is exhausted. Maybe it is just too ____ for her. There is ____ homework. There is a ____ water in the glass. There is ____ snow outside. There is ____ cake in the fridge. Peter is a pilot. He travels ____ kilometers a week. How ____ money do you earn a month? Have you ever seen ____ tiger? There aren't ____ chocolates in the box There are____ books on the table. I need ____ help.




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