____ are you wearing a costume? Because it's Halloween. ____ is it? It's a cat. ____ are you going? I'm going to the cinema. ____ are you from? I'm from Italy. ____ is Johnny Depp? He's a famous actor. ____ is the party? On Saturday night. ____'s she? She's my sister Giulia. ____ is the football match? It's on Sunday, at 3 o' clock. ____ are you wearing today? A pink t-shirt and blue jeans. ____ are you running? Because I'm late. ____ are those boys? They're my cousins. ____ is your pen? It's in my pencil-case. ____'s the weather like today? It's sunny. ____ are you red? Because I'm hot. ____ are they coming? Tomorrow. ____ are you bored? Because I can't play with my friends. ____'s your name? Laura. ____ is your birthday? It's on August 8th. ____ is dad? He's in the kitchen. ____ are you doing? I'm reading a book.




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