1) A hotel in outer space would orbit the Earth every 90 minutes. 2) Beach vacations are unusual.   3) Cosmos tours has booked 200 people for trips to outer space. 4) Many people have been to outer space as tourists. 5) Risking his life is not his idea of a good time. 6) The customer decides not to take the trip to outer space. 7) The customer expresses interest in a trip to outer space. 8) The customer wants a real adventure.   9) The customer wants to go on a unique holiday.   10) The hotel would cost £500,000 for a five-­‐day stay. 11) The training days are all work. 12) There are three days of training included in the package.   13) Trips to outer space have already begun.   14) Trips to outer space have become more expensive. – 15) Astronauts require special training.   16) Food in the hotel would be prepared on Earth and reheated. 17) You get to experience weightlessness for five minutes. 18) The rocket is attached to a plane the whole time.   19) The training days include parties and entertainment.   20) The customer went on Safari 2 years ago.





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