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Individual plans

Group plans

For schools, departments and groups of teachers

Pay only for what you need

Choose the exact number of users you want. It's your choice of Standard or Pro.

Simple pricing

Just add up the individual prices to get the total bill. The per user price is fixed.

Payment options

Get an annual invoice with 30 day terms, or set up automated monthly payments. Pay either by bank transfer or by card.

Swap users any time

Teachers coming or going? No problem. You can always add or remove users from your group.

Contact us at to start a group plan

Frequently asked questions

Can I just get a quotation?

Of course, just tell us how many Standard and Pro accounts you want and which currency you wish to be charged in. We'll then supply a quotation.

How do I purchase when I'm ready to go?

If you contact asking to make a purchase, we can issue you licence documents that you can use to start registering staff immediately.

Your school will then have 30 days to pay. There is still no obligation and can cancel at any point during this period.

How does someone join the group plan?

We'll supply licence documents that contain a link you can follow to sign up.

If you already have an account, but its not attached to the group, you can go to Join a group or school to upgrade by entering the key given in the licence document.

Once someone is registered to the school they can send invites via the Invite colleague function which is found in the account menu.

Can we get a site licence?

Yes. As well as group plans for a specific number of teachers we can also offer a whole site licence to cover all members of staff and students. Contact for a quotation.

What happens if someone moves to another school?

The person leaving can decide whether to start a new plan elsewhere, transfer the account to someone else or just close it down.

We can duplicate or transfer any resources between colleagues as you wish.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept credit and debit card payments or bank transfer.

Do your prices include VAT?

Our individual prices include VAT. Our school prices exclude VAT. VAT is not charged on purchases outside the EU.

Can my school get a trial?

Anyone can sign up for the free Basic account to try it out.

Does our group have to be part of a school?

Any group of 2 or more people can arrange a group plan. It doesn't matter what kind of organisation you are.

What happens if my school ends the subscription?

You'll be downgraded to Basic but existing work will remain accessible.

You will still be able to play, print or download your resources. Any resources that you have published or embedded will continue to work as before. However you will then not be able to create new resources or set new assignments.

Anyone in this position can convert their account to an individual plan if they wish to retain full access.