You are a strict vegetarian and have been invited to your partner's parents' home for the first time. You are having dinner and you discover just before you start eating the vegetable soup that it has meat in it. Do you follow your principles and explain you can't eat it or say nothing?, You are an unemployed actor and a man selling pirate DVDs comes to your restaurant table and offers you some recent films. You know that your money will help criminal gangs and won't help the film industry but you want to see the films. Do you betray your principles and buy them?, You are a police officer and you stop a motorist driving very fast, fast enough for him/her to lose his/her licence for a year. The motorist is a top politician and he/she offers you $2,000 to let him/her drive away without punishment. Do you stick to your principles and not take the bribe?, You know your son has been involved in a bank robbery. The police are looking for the robbers. If you tell the police, your son may never speak to you again but if you don't, you could also be in trouble. It's a big dilemma. What decision do you arrive at?, You've been offered a job in a distant foreign country for three years. You don't like the country, the climate, the people or the food but you will get double your present salary. After evaluating the situation what do you decide to do?, Your rich boy/girlfriend wants to marry you. If you do this, you would never worry about money again and would have a very comfortable life. However, you don't really love him/her. Will you follow your principles? What's your decision?, You've been trying to sell your house for six months and need to sell it within one week or your dream of emigrating to Australia won't happen. You have a cash offer but for twenty-five percent less than your price. Do you postpone the decision to sell to this buyer or accept the offer? , You've just crashed your partner's new car. When you see him/her, he/she is in a really bad mood and you can't tell him/her but if you don't tell him/her soon it could make things worse. You must reach a decision about when to tell him/her. What do you do?, You made a big mistake at work which cost your company $10,000. Your boss blames your colleague and he/she will lose his/her job if you don't say something. If you say nothing, there is no way they could ever find out it was your mistake. After evaluating the situation carefully, what do you decide?.


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