1) This is a strategy game. a) Chess b) Dominoe c) Snakes and ladders 2) This is a popular game among children. a) Monopoly b) Backgammon c) Marbles 3) This game regain popularity in the 2020's because of a TV series. a) Chess b) Scrabble c) Cards 4) This is a traditional Chinese strategy game. a) Mahjong b) Sudoku c) Dominoes 5) This game of chance. a) Dice b) Cards c) Snakes and ladders 6) The name of this game in English is similar to its name in your language a) Monopoly b) Sudoku c) Backgammon 7) With these you can play alone or with others. a) Scrabble b) Dice c) Cards 8) This game is considered to be the oldest board game in history. a) Dominoes b) Backgammon c) Chess 9) This is a word game. a) Monopoly b) Snakes and ladders c) Scrabble 10) You can play several different games using these. a) Dice b) Cards c) Dominoes 11) This game can take hours to play. a) Monopoly b) Chess c) Cards

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